Craft Camp - Wellington NZ July 2019

About Us

Tash Elton.jpg

Tash Barneveld

While i’ve been dyeing yarn under Knitsch Yarns since 2010, and opened Holland Road Yarn Co in 2011, I also have a deep love for running events.

As volunteer wrangler at Webstock for ten years, and co-organiser of WWGSD, I’ve learned from the best about how the details make for the best experiences.

Having been part of yarn and craft events around NZ variously as sponsor, trader and attendee, I couldn’t shake the idea of doing an event that is a little different. My vision for Craft Camp is to have a weekend that isn’t rushed, isn’t focussed on buying more stuff, and has plenty of time to make.

While the idea has been knocking around in my head for a couple of years, it took Rachael saying ‘Tash, have you thought of this….’ to make me wonder if she can actually read my mind!

Rachael Lane Craft Camp.jpg

Rachael Lane

I sometimes say I have a passion for yarn, but really, my passion is to see people engage, develop and celebrate, and enjoy themselves along the way. A varied life has included raising kids, catering for weddings and other large social occasions, managing budgets and staffing, and developing and implementing resources and events for university students to improve their chances of success with their study.

Somehow that’s led me here, to Holland Road Yarn Co, where I get to enjoy yarn all day and now, help organise the kind of event I’d love to attend myself.  Luckily, that turns out to be the same event that Tash wants too, so here we are!